Limestone Fireplaces

Published: 23rd July 2008
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Fireplaces have been used all around the world for centuries to keep people warm in the winter season. There is variety of styles that have been followed while making fireplaces. Limestone fireplaces are famous and prominent because of its unique qualities. Lime stone is very soft and durable and hence, a very good choice for making a fireplace. The limestone fireplaces are now being used in many houses especially in developed countries because people like to sit around a beautiful limestone fire place to keep warm.

Like a typical fireplace, a limestone fireplace also has three major parts, the hearth, the surround and the grate. A grate is usually made of iron and holds the burning fuel like wood or coal. A hearth is the flooring of the fireplace and it is very close to a real fire. It can become extremely hot, so after the right length of time, a limestone hearth is nearly assured to break. To avoid this wreckage, there are things one can do to solve the problem. One way is to have a limestone hearth sliced, sectioned and re-sealed for real fire use. To illustrate this process clearly, the hearth is cut into a number of pieces, and then reassembled with joins because these joins act as extension joints. Moreover, the hearth is normally backed by high temperature cement just for extra protection. But in case of a limestone hearth, it is suggested that it should be sealed twice. The first coat should be left completely dry and then add the second layer. The surround is a structure built around the fireplace just for decoration purposes.

Despite the salient features that limestone possesses, it is reactive to the acid solutions. So it is recommended that limestone fireplaces should be chemically preserved with a high quality sealant. Good sealants do not change or affect the color of the limestone to any degree, but it prevents easy saturation of likely stains from getting into the stone. Hence, it is recommended that your fireplace dealer should either seal your fireplace for you or provide a container of fluid sealant with the limestone fireplace so that you can paint over the surface by yourself. These sealants are costly but protect the limestone fireplace from getting darkened by the smoke generated by the burning fuel.

The popularity of limestone fireplaces is growing at a fast pace and one can find different styles and a supreme collection of Limestone fireplaces that are further decorated with Marble. Fire Surrounds include a broad variety of traditional, reproduction and contemporary styles in combination with superb craftsmanship, stylish design and quality stuff. The manufacturers are now offering different ways to facilitate the customers. Some of the most common ways are free home delivery and services after installing the limestone fireplace at home. In addition to these services, the customers are also given an opportunity to select the products of their choice on web sites of different manufacturers and can pay online if they wish to buy that particular product.

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